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Writing & Editing


There were lots of unknowns when Brooks Running Company hired me to write a book about its first 100 years in business. It wouldn't be easy. Many records had been lost over the years, each time the company changed ownership. In six months, I reconnected with the company’s founding family, interviewed dozens of people, combed through reams of old photos, ads, catalogs and such, and got the job done — all on a crazy tight deadline. Brooks liked the book so much, they distributed it more broadly than originally planned. In addition to handing out the book at its 100-year celebration and to newly hired employees, Brooks published Running Through the First 100 Years as an e-book, donating proceeds to underfunded high school track programs across the country.


My latest book collaboration chronicles key moments in author Bob Whitsitt's career leading three iconic Pacific Northwest sports franchises. Game Changer offers unprecedented behind-the-scenes insights on groundbreaking draft picks, trades, and acquisitions, team-saving negotiations.

"Fascinating insider stories filled with 'WOW' moments, common sense, and creative craftiness backed by uncommon courage. High-level negotiations on a high wire!"

Rick Allen, bestselling author of Inside Pitch: Insiders Reveal How the Ill-Fated Seattle Pilots Got Played into Bankruptcy in One Year

Cover of "Running Through the First Hundred Years" with a runner wearing shin socks taht read RUN HAPPY above Brooks Running Company's logo
Book Cover of Game Changer by Bob Whitsitt, with dark green background, gold and white lettering and an official NBA basketball


Finding the right words for a speech, op-ed, or any important message can be nerve-racking. It's no fun to stare a blank screen, especially when your harsh inner critic is flooding you with self-doubts. Oftentimes, you know just what to say, but can't block out the inner critic flooding you with self-doubts. What you need is an expert storyteller to sit down I'll sit down with you and listen. I'll help you find the words that capture your story. We'll collaborate, and the words we weave together will ring with authenticity.

Speechwriting & ghostwriting clients include Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, MultiCare Foundations, Northwest Kidney Centers, Sound, University of Washington Bothell, and Whatcom Community College.

Three microphones in the foreground with fuzzy lights in the background


Blog posts are a great way to get your story out there and convey why your mission matters. Whether you're launching a new blog or trying to reach more people with an existing one, I can help you brainstorm engaging topics, research and write articles, and outline out a strategy for coordinating your blog with your website updates, email and social media.

FareStart blog posts titled 'Students Making Strides Toward Stability and Self-Empowerment'
FareStart blog post titled 'Mobile Comunity Market Evolves to Advance Food Security"
Terrewode Women's Fund blog post titled 'I love every single bit of being a doctor'
Southeast Youth and Family Services blog posts titled 'Show up, stand up for Black lives, and keep breathing'
Newsletters & Annual Reports


Sometimes an outsider's perspective can help you map out just the right mix of articles for your next newsletter or annual report. Sometimes you have a solid editorial plan teed up, you just need someone to do the interviews, write the articles, and make sure the words and visuals work well together. I can do all the interviews and writing for you, coordinate with your graphic designer, or pull in a talented colleague to give this publication a beautifully branded look.

Cover of Country Doctor Community Health Center (now Seattle Roots Community Health) October 2020 newsletter
Cover of Terrewode Women's Fund 2022 Annual Report, featuring a photo of a laughing child leaning up against the leg of hospital caretaker wearing a green-and-yellow-patterned dress
Cover of Schoold Out Washington 2018 Annual Report, with photo collage of youth and community leaders, with the word TOGETHER spelled out, one letter over each image


Successful giving campaigns and appeals have more in common than a compelling ask. They tell memorable stories. They stir emotions. They inspire. They go beyond the what and how and elevate the why — why your mission matters. And why every gift, large or small, makes life better in meaningful ways. I can work with you to strategize your campaign or appeal, collaborate on graphic design, write and edit, for direct mail, email, your website, social media, peer-to-peer fundraising — whatever you need!

Country Doctor Community Health Centers' year-end fundraising appeal letter, dated December 7, 2020
First page of Northwest Kidney Centers fundraising appeal letter, with three photos of a smiling woman wearing a decorative scarf
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