Blog Strategy & Writing

Blog posts are a great way to get your story out there and convey why your mission matters. Whether you're launching a new blog or trying to reach more people with an existing one, I can help you brainstorm engaging topics, research and write articles, and outline out a strategy for coordinating your blog with your website updates, email and social media.

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Newsletters & Annual Reports

Sometimes an outsider's perspective can help you map out just the right mix of articles for your next newsletter or annual report. Sometimes you have a solid editorial plan teed up, you just need someone to do the interviews, write the articles, and make sure the words and visuals work well together. I can do all the interviews and writing for you, coordinate with your graphic designer, or pull in a talented colleague to give this publication a beautifully branded look.


Other newsletter and annual report clients include Camp Fire of Central Puget Sound, Dignity Period, Habitat for Humanity Seattle-King County, School's Out Washington, and Southeast Youth & Family Services.

Web Design & Development

Everyone wants a beautiful website that's easy to get around, mobile-friendly, optimized for search engines — all those good things. If you've been muddling along without a website, or putting up with a site that looks so outdated, you're embarrassed to point anyone to it, let's talk. I design websites (like this one!) in WIX, a platform that's so magically user-friendly that an English major with zero coding skills has carved out a niche building websites for fellow writers, entrepreneurs, startups, and scrappy nonprofits.

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Other website clients include law firm of Axtell Middleton, P.S., Bellaterre Gardens (with Elise Cope Design), Tara Conklin, Southeast Youth & Family Services, and SPiN Café (with Elise Cope Design and Marlow 5-0).

Speechwriting & Ghostwriting

Finding the right words for a speech, op-ed, or any important message can be nerve-racking. It's no fun to stare a blank screen, especially when your harsh inner critic is flooding you with self-doubts. Oftentimes, you know just what to say, but can't block out the inner critic flooding you with self-doubts. What you need is an expert storyteller to sit down I'll sit down with you and listen. I'll help you find the words that capture your story. We'll collaborate, and the words we weave together will ring with authenticity.


Speechwriting & ghostwriting clients include Camp Fire Central Puget Sound, MultiCare Foundations, Northwest Kidney Centers, Sound, University of Washington Bothell, and Whatcom Community College.


Back in my journalism days, certain stories would intrigue me so much, I’d think, “Geez, someone should write a book about this!” Yet I never thought I’d have the time (or patience?) to write one myself. Then Brooks Running Company invited me to research and write a book about their first century in business. I reconnected with the company’s founding family, interviewed dozens of people, combed through reams of old photos, ads, catalogs and such, and got the job done — all on a crazy tight deadline.