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Liz Murtaugh Gillespie

I’m a Seattle-based storytelling strategist for companies and causes — that curious outsider you need when your insider’s curse of knowledge keeps you stuck in the weeds. You’ve been there before. You’re trying to communicate the what, how and why of your brand, your mission, your impact, and your words fall flat. They don’t have to. I can help you tell your story better. 

What’s your story?

Are you and your staff so swamped with day-to-day demands you do a lackluster job of communicating all the great stuff you’re doing?

Do you cringe when you scan your newsletter or toggle through your website, wondering what you need to change to tell the inspiring stories that will move people to back your cause or buy your brand?

Do you feel lost every time you try to map out the meaning of the work you do?

I’m here to help.

Sometimes, your biggest challenge is that you get so bogged down by all the nitty-gritty details of the message you’re trying to communicate, you need an outsider’s eye to see that proverbial forest for the trees.

Whatever your story is, I can help you tell it better.

I take a journalistic approach to planning, writing and editing brand stories, print and email newsletters, annual reports, blog posts, brochures, case statements, fundraising appeals, website makeovers, op-eds, speeches and more.

My work

Some of my recent and favorite projects include:

Sometimes, I team up with with outstanding colleagues like Teresa Moore at Moore Ink. PR & Fundraising Communications, where I’ve written tons of newsletter articles, as well as annual reports, messaging platforms, case statements and more.

Other organizations I’ve worked with:


“Liz took our old, outdated website and transformed it into a beautiful site highlighting the stories and images of our work in a very compelling way. She was both a pleasure to work with and easy to communicate with — so down to earth and skilled at taking our ideas to a level far beyond what we could have accomplished on our own.”
— Julie Tempest, Advancement Director, One By One

“Liz delved into our past with diligence and a dogged determination to track down the defining stories of Brooks Running Company’s first 100 years. The result was a fascinating and inspiring book that we will treasure on our journey into our next century and beyond.”
— Jim Weber, CEO, Brooks Running Company

“Liz jumped in during a time of transition, quickly learned the ins and outs of our organization, and helped us create an annual report that we are proud to share with our growing community of supporters.”
— Elizabeth Whitford, Executive Director, Arts Corps

“Liz is a dynamo of creative ideas, high energy and fresh perspective. Her passion for excellence shines through every word.”
— Sam Osborne, Executive Director, Rainier Valley Food Bank